The auction block module

Also known as Clerk Screen, this module generates the Auction Administrator's main screen during an auction. Easy to navigate, this component includes all the basic functions required to manage a Virtual Auction just as if it were an actual on-site traditional auction.

  • Coordination en temps réel des enchères faites en ligne avec celles faites sur le plancher;Live coordination of online bids with those from floor;
  • Control over which item is actually being put up for auction (directly, or through NEXT & BACK buttons);
  • Ability to place an auction on HOLD/PAUSE;
  • Ability to modify QUICK BID increments;
  • Ability to REVERSE to correct any error;
  • Ability to Override internet bids
  • Ability to sell items (official);
  • Ability to sell items with ulterior verification;
  • Option not to sell if offers are too low (NO SALE).