Timed Auction

  • Auctions feature a display, beginning and ending date and time;
  • They begin at a nominal value (usually $1);
  • They offer the opportunity for a minimum starting price;
  • They offer the possibility of placing an automatic bid enabling users to set their highest bids;
  • They automatically give users 20 extra seconds for when he/she bids in the last minute before the auction’s ending hour;
  • Time extension can be set for each auction. This will give bidders extra time for last minute bids before the auction’s end.

Webcast Auction

  • A true live and exciting online experience worldwide;
  • Uncompressed real time video and audio for optimal quality;
  • Easy to manage auctioneer clerk screen;
  • No special software, applets or plugin downloads required for your online clients.

Benefit & charity

  • Let vortex auction help you with your fundraising goals;
  • Our services can help you take your fundraising event to the next level and are available at no cost to you;
  • As you plan your event, Vortex Auction offers you complete access to our extensive product collect.